Today I choose the work I want to do.

This did not happen overnight. 

In 2001, I was working retail in the Mall of Louisiana, at an Aveda Salon. I was still learning and sharpening my makeup skills, and learning to work with different types of people.  I can't tell you how valuable that was. After graduating from college and the Aveda Institute, I moved to Los Angeles to start my career as a professional stylist is 2004.

Fast forward to today, 2017, I am a full time, self employed stylist who work on jobs that I truly love. Getting paid (well) to do work that I love is really a dream come true!

People ask me all of the time, how I got into this work and how I get to work on these cool jobs. 

Part of it is years of experience and crafting a unique skill set. But one thing that you need to be able to do this work is your own kit! 

You can do the same thing!

I will show you exactly how I did it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 12.58.37 PM.png

Now the time in between 2001 and now, there was a lot of growing pains. I learned A LOT of lessons. Most of those lessons I learned the hard (expensive) way. And I always wished there was just a book I could read, or a class I could take!

Today, there are so many more resources where you can learn makeup skills and more.  I developed a resource based on all of the experience that I have picked up in the last 15 years that has allowed me to work on projects that make my heart happy and pay my bills! 

This is the shortcut that I wished that I had when I started!

(Secret truth)

I have been working on this course for a LONG time. The content has been created but I was dragging my feet, afraid that it wouldn't be good enough. But that is not true, because the truth is that this is what I did to be successful and I have shared it with many other people who have also become successful. I challenged myself, as a birthday gift to myself, to put it out in the month of October.  So here it is! You can find more info here. 

buy now!.jpg

P.S. This whole kit building process is a lot of work, its a slow grind. Im not going to lie. That is how you know its worth it. Creating this course was also a lot of work but you can tell from the short video below, we had a lot of laughs while creating this content for you. I hope you enjoy it as much as Cassie (of Cass and Co Films) and I did creating this labor of love.

Do you have questions? A lot of people asked some already that I answered on a special page. You can even watch the Facebook live to see me answer them! Or just read them yourself. Whatever floats your boat.