Happy New Year!

Yes, its February 14th, I know. But who else feels like that January was just a warm up? 

Ladies, its game time. Let's do this!

Honestly, I started my new year prep in December. I went on a clean/purge organizational kick to get rid of unnecessary crap so I could focus on the things I wanted to focus on. I feel like that was a huge step in preparing myself to get into beast mode.

Now here we are, in February and I am ready to start kicking some booty. I have been slacking on blogging for the last few years. Consistency is key in blogging and I lost some inspiration when the kids were babies. I was just trying to survive! Writing a blog post about great hair wasn't about to happen when I couldn't find the time to shampoo and dry my own hair. 

But now I am back! And ready to share some love!

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Here is what you can expect.....

  1. Each month will have a color theme.

  2. If you are subscribed to the email list, you will get a weekly email with the latest blog posts and subscribers only will be getting deals and savings that are not available to the general public.

  3. Ask and you shall receive! Yes, I want your Qs so I can A the hell out of them. I don't want to waste my time talking about stuff you don't care about! So leave a comment on the blog or on Facebook/Instagram with your burning questions related to hair/makeup/wardrobe styling and I will deliver. Some in the form of blog posts, some Instagram stories and some Facebook Live posts.

This is going to be super fun!

What is the theme for February?!?! PINK, of course!

What does that mean?

You are going to see my favorite Kevin Murphy products packaged in pink this month. Spoiler alert, these are for my girls who LOVE big hair. Plumping for days, ya'll. 

Makeup, nail polish and hair color, OH MY! 

You will be seeing lots and lots of PINK in (whats left of) the month of February.  Then stay tuned, we start over with a new color in March! Any guesses what it will be?

Oh and for those of you who have been following the Call Your Girlfriend referral contest, we have a winner!!! Congratulations Ashley Gibbs. You are the winner of the products/gift card basket valued at $300! Thank you for all your referrals, I am so grateful for your support. It really keeps me motivated and inspired to keep moving and growing. I can't thank you enough. 

Our tribe is growing and more and more awesome every week! But there is still room for more and I am loving meeting new friends of friends. 

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