Pink Eye (the how to edition)

We are keeping up the Pink theme for the whole month of February! I am so committed to the new color coded theme that I colored my entire head (well most of it) pink yesterday. 

Did you see the funny little short video demo of me using a matte liquid lip color on my eyes as shadow? I added it to Instagram yesterday. Check it out @thereallifebeauty.

Typically I wear neutral colors on my eyes, mostly because I don't exactly have the time I would like to have to do a full out eye makeup look. But you can see from this demo that its actually really simple. Check it out!

No eye drops Rx needed!

(but its so cool, it *may* be contagious)

This is a quickie video demo but I will break it down for you real quick for you here. If you want to see more detail, I would be happy to do a Facebook live so you can see the entire process step by step. Just drop a comment below and I will do it ASAP.

OK, here is how it all went down....

First,I started with the liquid foundation I wear the shade Tafetta, if you would like help choosing a shade, send me a message and I would be happy to color match you!


Then I moved on to the eyes....

You don't have to do it in the exact order that I do it, I actually almost never do it the same way twice. Since this is about using lip color on they eyes and that is what I started with in the video, we will start there. For this look, I used the color Sensual in the Splash liquid lip colors. Its a deep, rich burgundy.

Then I used a combo of 3 of the cream shadow colors to blend it all together. The matte color (Victorious) is my new fav! It makes a great base under other creams or a powder shadow and you can also wear it alone. 

This is a staple that everyone should have in their Caboodle!

I also used the shimmery colors to give it a little highlight, those were Hopeful ( a soft pink) and Dainty (silver lilac).

Of course I set it all off with my favorite product, the 3D Fiberlash! 

There is a new formula out now, have you tried it?

What do you think? Would you use a lip color as an eyeshadow? If you would like to order any Younique products, please let me know and I would be happy to help you choose shades and give you some tips on how to use them. 

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