Would you like a spa treatment (or Botox!) for your hair!

Introducing the Treat.Me Experience!!!

What is the Treat.Me Experience?

Some people call it a facial or spa treatment for your hair. Some people liken it to Botox for your hair. Why? Its because Kevin Murphy hair care takes the approach that you think of when you think of a skin care routine.

He combines the best of nature and technology with natural, active ingredients to replace moisture and strength that we lose with age and chemical or heat damage. This treatment will improve the texture, shine, moisture and overall health of your hair and scalp. 

It all starts with Maxi.Wash, the exfoliating wash from Kevin Murphy. This is a color safe shampoo that removes product and mineral build up from the hair. I mentioned it in last week's post all about GREEN being our theme color for the month. 

Anti-aging Treat.Me

For hair that has suffered the effects of hormonal, environmental or chemical aging. 

Start with Maxi.Wash to remove build up then cleanse with Young Again Wash. The treat.me cruet is added to damp hair and stay on the hair while you enjoy a sensory massage on the scalp and neck. A lavender scented, steamy hot towel  will leave you incredibly relaxed, followed by the Young Again rinse. 

I think this is my favorite of all of the treatments!

The fruit stem cells help repair and provide revolutionary anti-ageing and rejuvenate a youthful lustre and shine to dry, brittle hair. 

Strength Treat.Me

Strength Treat.me is for distressed, brittle hair that is weak and damaged. I chose this treatment for this client because over the years we have done a lot of color (lightener and depositing darker colors) and recently she got a body wave! In terms of texture, her hair is thinner and we really focus on keeping it strong and healthy so that she can undergo the chemical treatments safely. 

The strength treatment will restore strength and elasticity to the hair with a combo of proteins and amino acids. The same process as the anti aging treatment will be part of the experience except the wash and rinse will be from Kevin Murphy's Angel Wash, Rinse and Masque. 

Thickening Treat.Me

Thickening Treat.Me is for my girls with fine, weak or falling (thinning) hair. Technology used in eyelash thickening and lengthening (think Latisse for lashes) will instantly plump hair, improving density and thickness. Fruit Stem Cells prevent hair loss, resulting in better quality hair growth. 

Stimulate growth and rebuild density with this transformative in-salon treatment. Your hair will feel instantly thicker!

The same process described in the first treatment will be used here but the wash and rinse will be from the Plumping line.

Moisture Treat.me

The Moisture treatment is for hair that is dehydrated, frizzy or chemically treated. This is great for curls, color treated or not! The treatment will add weightless moisture, shine and softness to your hair instantly with precious oils and plant extracts that hydrate and rebuild from the inside out.


I got so excited to do the treatment on the above client that we forgot to take a before pic! I did take a selfie, before and after of myself that you can see below. 

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This treatment is a $35 add on service to any haircut or style. You can book the Treat.Me Experience with a style here or Treat.Me with a haircut here. 

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Want to keep it up at home?

The cruets of treatment are only available as a professional treatment but all of the other parts of the process are products that are available for you to take home and keep yourself well maintained. If you are curious what Kevin Murphy would recommend for you. Take this quiz here!

PS--How do you like the super fancy professional product photos in this post? I have my dear friend Lindy Davies to thank for these. No, no, not the before and after ones that I took with my iPhone! The pretty product shots! Check her out on Instagram @lindy_davies . She is the BEST!