Are Keratin Treatments right for you?

Who wants smoother hair?!?!

For awhile now, I have had clients asking me about keratin treatments and I have been sending them all to other stylists. Until my friend Rochelle, at Creative Concepts by Ro, encouraged me to start doing them myself. 

Why didn't do them before?

Remember when this service first came out on the scene? The reason it worked SO good is because it had chemicals like formaldehyde and aldehyde! That didn't seem safe for me or my clients so I didn't want to add that to my services. 

I also thought it was a very time consuming appointment and that it permanently changed them texture of the hair so if you didn't want to keep it up, you would have a hard line of demarcation where it was last done. 

Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 6.20.10 AM.png

You may not be as shocked as I was to learn.......

I was totally wrong!

The new formulation does not contain formaldehyde  and the appointment is about the same as having your hair colored and styled! And the keratin treatment is a protein that leaves the hair is better condition than before the service so its great for smoothing even hair that has been bleached. 

How does it work?

Liquid Keratin infuses curly, frizzy unmanageable hair with the keratin protein that it is naturally missing.


Frequently Asked Questions (and the answers)

1. Can the Liquid Keratin treatment be done on hair that has been bleached, color treated or relaxed? 

Yes, the treatment is safe for color treated hair. Liquid Keratin is safe to use on previously relaxed hair. It will eliminate any frizz and will nourish the hair returning it to a healthy state. 

2. Can you receive the treatment if you are pregnant or nursing? 

Liquid Keratin is safe but it is always best to consult with your physician. All of our ingredients are posted and available at

3. How long do the results last?

The results can last up to 8-10 weeks. The proper after care products (shampoo, conditioner and leave in) are key in prolonging the process. They are specially formulated without Sodium Chloride. Sodium Chloride, which is in a lot of hair care products, will diminish the effects of the Liquid Keratin Treatment very quickly.

4. Does it permanently disrupt the texture of the hair?

A physical relaxation of the curl pattern occurs when you regularly smooth the hair, with this type of treatment or just regularly flat ironing the hair so over time the curl pattern will elongate and relax a bit. There is no permanent line of demarcation from the treatment as the keratin (protein) comes out of the hair over time. 

5. How should you prepare for your appointment? 

Plan to have your hair freshly trimmed and colored before your keratin appointment. The flat ironing process will lock the keratin into the hair so any frayed ends will be locked in, and no one wants that. Permanent color color can be done on the same day as your keratin service but no rinses or toners on the same day. 

6. How do clients maintain their hair between treatments?

Do not shampoo hair for 72 hours after treatment, do not get wet (or sweaty) for a full 3 days after the treatment. Sulfate free products must be used after then treatment. If you do not purchase the recommended products after your service, the results are not guaranteed. 

You may use an instant leave in conditioner or a regular daily conditioner but no treatments or masks. 

7. Will the Chlorine from a pool affect my results?

Liquid Keratin is washed out more rapidly by sodium chloride and chlorine. Sodium chloride (salt) is in sea water and chlorine is in most swimming pools and spas. Exposure to the sun will not change the results.

8. Is it good or bad for your hair?

Keratin is a protein. Curly, frizzy and/or chemical damaged hair lacks protein so the keratin leaves you in a better condition than before. 

9. Does it de-frizz or de-curl?

Its never going to completely straighten. The treatment will de-frizz but no de-curl or straighten. It is a smoothing treatment. 

10. How much does it cost?

The treatment starts at $195. That is for short hair, hair that is above the shoulders. The more hair you have, length or density, the more product I am required to use and the more time the service will take. Each additional 1 oz of product will be an additional $20 so the service.

Medium length hair would be from shoulders to the collar bone and be $215. Long hair is 2-3 inches below the collar bone and would be around $235. Extra long hair would be $255 and would require even more time to finish and more keratin. 

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If you have any questions that I did not answer here, comment and I will update the blog to keep info as current as possible.