Why you NEED mascara for photos!

Its no secret that I love me some mascara!

I will shout it from the rooftops, all day, everyday. Everyone needs to find the mascara that opens up the windows to their soul. And I found mine in Younique Fiber Lash mascara.

Recently they developed a new, one step mascara that is awesome and can be used along with the Fiber Lash for extra impact. But it can also be used alone! The also released a Lash Serum treatment that is ah-mazing at the same time. (And I'm doing a give away for that, see below!)

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Clients, friends and photographers ask me all of the time what mascara I recommend. I tell them Younique because that is what I use on clients and that is what I use on myself, everyday!

Why do photographers ask? Because it makes such a HUGE difference in photos. So even if you are a minimal (or zero) makeup wearer, mascara is a must for making your eyes POP and connect with the camera. 

Check out these photos that my family's photographer, Sarah Kane Photography, snapped for me in her studio one day.  When Sarah asked me to get some tips together for her client prep guide, wearing mascara was one of my top recommendations!

If you know me and see me regularly, you know that I am often seen with no makeup on. Or you can also find me with the bare minimum, which for me is a little blush, cream shadow and mascara. I know, I know that is a full face for some. Then a few times a week, I go ALL out. Full face! Drag queen status, my personal favorite!

In this photo, I am not wearing much color on my eyes or any liner at all.  I really wanted the impact of the mascara to be seen. 

A few years ago, I was having trouble with my mascara flaking. It was happening with every brand that I tried! Within 30 min of application, I would have dark smudges and flakes under my eyes!  It was actually a client of mine who said that she was using Younique because it was the only thing that didn't smudge under her eyes. I decided to give it a try. 

It was then that I decided to try it out and because I wanted the free shipping that comes with orders over $100. I had no idea they had other products. The mascara, as you can see, was a such a win for me, then I moved on to trying other products. 

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october kudos.jpg

I am obsessed with the cream eyeshadows, the lip colors and liners! If you would like to try any but want some help choosing colors, reach out (emily@emilyhudspeth.com) and I will help you decide.

Another new option they have is that you can create your own bespoke eyeshadow palette!

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The best part is that everything has a 100% love it guarantee!

Anyone who makes a purchase by October 7th (US only) will be entered into a drawing to win the new Lash Serum!

Leave a comment below and let me know you decided to try!