Can you find your dream stylist on Groupon?

These are the 3 thing you don’t want to miss from this post!

  1. There is a referral promo happening! Every new client you refer earns you $25 toward your next service.

  2. Anyone with more than 3 referrals is entered to win the Smashbox makeup set and mini makeup lesson.

  3. There are no more Groupons (see below) but you can buy your own specials thru the website Specials page. Some are for new clients only but there is one for existing clients.

We have all been there.

Yep, we all have that one one gem that we discovered on Groupon that makes it seem like it’s a good idea to go back and shop around. That’s how they get you! But those are rare jewels, you don’t know what you are going to get, you are just hoping for the best! And sometimes it just doesn’t turn out so good. Just all around disappointing!

After this most recent family relocation (to the Bay Area, from the East Coast), I find myself rebuilding my clientele from zero. Again, for the 4th time, in 16 years. I had never run a Groupon as a merchant before, I didn’t want to be a “discount/Groupon stylist”, but there are SO many hairdressers and salons in Los Gatos alone, I felt like I needed to do it just to get people in the door.

Some of those clients who came to me thru Groupon were gems who I wouldn’t have otherwise met, so I don’t regret it. There were not so fabulous ones and since Groupon takes such a huge cut of the already discounted rate that clients page, I was barely covering my costs for clients who were never going to come back and pay me directly. Not worth it.

So here I am, building slow and steady, and thinking of ways to be creative and get new clients in the door.

Introducing my own personal version of the Groupon concept. Visit the Specials page from time to time, or to make it even easier on yourself, sign up for the email newsletter and I will send you a little note when a new special goes live. Some will be for new clients only and some will be for existing clients too!

So if you are a new client, click here to take advantage of the current deal!

Get 50% off a full hilite, glaze, haircut and style for $207.50. You have 90 days to use it for the deal. No worries, if you let it “expire”, you can still apply the amount you paid to a full price service but the deal is only valid for 90 days. Just like a Groupon.

Since not as many people know about Real Life Beauty (yet!), I need your help letting people know about these specials.

So here comes the giveaway! Yep, I have prizes and treats for you guys helping me get the word out!


How do you win?

Starting today, thru the end of June, whoever has the most referrals (minimum 3 to be eligible for both the products and the lesson), will get this 7 piece set AND a half hour styling/makeup lesson to learn how to use these new goodies to their fullest potential.

Can you win even if you aren’t a current client? Or if you are a new client too? Sure!

The entries are by who referred any new client, for any service. So if you get your hair done somewhere else, but have a friend looking for a new stylist, send them to me and you are entered! They don’t have to buy the new client deal, they can come in for anything.

Do we get anything if we refer one or two people? YES! You get $25 off your next service for each person you refer. Yes, if you refer 4 people that is $100 and yes you can use it all four $25 credits in the same appointment.

Who is keeping score and how? It’s me! Don’t worry, I ask every new guest how they heard about me so the I can make sure to thank the person who sent them in.

How can you spread the word and increase your chances of winning? All the info is here, in this blog post, so you can share this on Facebook or tag friends on Instagram or Facebook posts. You are following me on both, right? Make sure they know about these two specials you see below.

New clients special! Click to buy this deal.

New clients special! Click to buy this deal.

I’m looking forward to meeting your friends and family! I can’t wait to see who wins this awesome makeup set and lesson. It will be so much fun!

Check out the facelift that I gave the website and let me know what you think!