Email me at if you want more info!

Email me at if you want more info!

These are some of the FAQs that I get in regards to the Kit Building Course. If you don't see your question answered here, please reach out to me and I will answer you ASAP!

1. What inspired you to put this course together?

When I started my business as a freelancer, I had to figure all of this out on my own. I always said that I would love to take a class or read a book that would just tell me what I needed to know!  Instead, I learned the lessons the hard (and expensive way. Here is the "shortcut" that I wished someone would have given me. 

I wanted to share my experiences so that I could save someone from the time and money of making the mistakes of figuring it out on their own. 

Also, in this industry, you don't find a lot people who will openly share their "secrets". There is a hoarder mentality that people have because they fear if they share, they will have less. But it is my experience that when I give away what I have, more abundance comes from generosity than holding back.

2.Will you give tips on advertising as a pro mua or is it only makeup related? 

The course (10 videos and 45 page ebook) go thru items that I have in my kit, why I chose them and how I pack them. There is a private FB group with your classmates where you can ask questions about anything and all help each other. I will be active in the group in the first month you have the course. After the first month, I will be in there from time to time to check on people. 

In the bonus material, you will get access to information like the Your Ideal Client ebook and access into Starting your Freelance Biz. Both of those cover some marketing. 

3. Will you show how to apply makeup? 

No, application is not part of the course content. We focus on business development but you can share tips and tricks in the FB group about application.

4. Does the course tell you how to go about getting clients? 

No. Well, kind of. But no. The first thing you need is clarity on who you serve. You will get the Ideal Client ebook in the bonuses that will help you with marketing yourself AND choosing the products for your kit. You can't do clients until you have a kit. Do step one first, build your kit!

5. The course tells you what goes in your kit but do you tell me where to get everything?

You will get a shopping list (15 page pdf with clickable links) of items that you can get from Amazon! I will also share with you the professional discounts that you can apply for to order directly from the brands you like. 

6.  Is this good for someone who is just starting out or can it be for all experience levels?

All experience levels will benefit from the course. Kit building is a process, it doesn't happen overnight and you are always evolving as an artist and growing/editing your supplies.

7. What is included in the course?

In this course you will see 10 videos in different categories within my kit. There is also a detailed 45 page Ebook with a shopping list where you can purchase products from Amazon to be delivered directly to your door.

Your bonus extras include:

-A Facebook community for you to engage with your classmates, start conversations and ask questions. Email me at for the link to join after purchase.

-Complimentary access to the next course coming out, Kickstarting Your Freelance Biz, an ($89 value)

-A Q&A Facebook live session in the group, ($150 value)

-The Ideal Client Guide ($7.25)

-Clean up that Caboodle ($4 value)

-Shopping list with links to purchase kit essentials from Amazon.

-Opportunity to apply to become an affiliate and earn a commission on sales when you recommend the course to others after you complete it. 

9. Can anyone anywhere take the course?

Yes! Anyone, anywhere! That is the beauty of an online course. You process the info on YOUR time. It is only available in English but you can access it anywhere in the world!

10. How does the coaching after the course work?

I am very active in the group in the first 30 days but will continue to check in on everyone after that. I am always available for you to shoot me a question or if you need more time, you can book a 1 on 1 session via Skype or in the studio. 

11. Do you also talk about brushes?

Yes! There is a section of the ebook just about brushes. There is a video about tools that covers brush and the shopping list has brushes and brush cleaners I recommend!

12. How much does it cost to build a kit?

That depends on the type of work you do and what you specialize in. That is where defining your ideal client becomes SO important. It also depends on whether or not you are taking advantage of the professional discounts that I tell you about. 

13. Is it ok to use drugstore products or does everything need to be a department store brand?

That is totally your preference. I personally use a mix of both types of products and strongly encourage people to make the most economical choices so that you max out your profits. 

14. Do you talk about covering all skin tones from lightest to darkest?

Yes, I share the types of foundations that I use and how I choose to buy them so I keep larger quantities of shades I use most often but have all shade. I also encourage you to use products you can mix and custom blend.