Did you know that I have a YouTube channel?

I LOVE making videos!!! This was my first one ever. I taught myself to record and edit them with my lap top in 2012. 

This is one the first one ever!

I was so excited to have my channel be made a YouTube partner about 5 years ago. That means the videos are more visible and also monetized. I don't make tons of money off it them, none at all really, but its just a good thing to be a partner. 

You will learn 2 things about me in these videos. I like share knowledge about hair/makeup and my business Also, I like to laugh. A lot. If that is your thing, you will like it around here. If not, thanks for stopping by. 


Soon after we were expecting our first baby!

So I made a fun video to announce that were expecting and to announce the gender. Both are below. Please watch and enjoy!

After that baby, came another one. A girl, right behind the boy. Oh, what fun we are having BUT things had to take a pause. Things like video content creation.

I still did a few, like this one....

And this one is a great one that is on my website for the studio!

Now that the kiddos are a little bit older, one of my goals for 2018 was to create more video content to share some things I am excited about this year. 

There is just one little problem!

YouTube just notified me that my channel will no longer be eligible for partnership status if I don't meet the minimum views and subscriber requirement. So, I need your help. First, subscribe.

Then watch some more videos. A few of my favorites are here. Leave me a comment if there is something you want me to make a video about!

This is the first video I ever did wardrobe production on, all by myself! I am so proud of how this turn out!

This one was SO fun too!

I've got more with little makeup and hair tips too! You can help me out a lot by watching these, then I will get this channel more organized and send you more. 

Let me know what you want to see!!!